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Anxiety Treatment

anxiety-treatmentDo You Worry All The Time?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Do you wake up feeling uneasy or convinced that something bad is going to happen? Are you nervous, tense, or on edge a lot? Do you wish you could feel relaxed and confident?

Despite your attempts to feel calm, you may experience uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as a racing heart, difficulty breathing, neck or back pain, and even nausea. Maybe you toss and turn at bedtime, replaying stressful scenarios in your head and anticipating the worst. You might feel as though you have a never-ending to-do list. Perhaps you procrastinate or struggle to make decisions because you fear doing the wrong thing.

Maybe you avoid particularly stressful people, places, or tasks, which makes it difficult to move forward in your career and relationships. Are your friends and family always telling you to “relax”? Do they get annoyed with your worries? Perhaps they make light of your fears, leaving you feeling unheard and alone? You may find yourself clutching at ways to control your anxiety, unsure of how to feel at ease and enjoy your life.


If Anxiety Has Taken Over Your Life, Hope Is Here!

First of all, you need to know that you are not alone in feeling anxious. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed for being anxious, but the truth is that most people experience anxiety from time to time. Anxiety is a normal, human response to the stressful world we live in! In fact, scientists theorize that anxiety allowed us to survive as a species. Anxiety protects you from real danger, such as a bear on your hiking path.

You may think that anxiety is a bad thing that you need to eliminate from your life, but new research points out that we need a little anxiety to do well in life. That’s right! Our relationship to anxiety is a little like Goldilocks searching for the perfect bed. Too little anxiety and we underperform. Too much anxiety and we freeze. The right amount of anxiety propels us to work hard and problem-solve.

However, too much anxiety can cause problems. When you get lost on the highway or choose between graduate schools, you do not need the same fear response that occurs when you cross the path of a bear. When high anxiety never shuts off and controls your every reaction, it can greatly ruin your quality and experience of life. It can limit your ability to reach for what you want in life as well as interfere in your relationships. But you do not have to struggle with anxiety forever.


What Would You Do With Your Life, If Anxiety Was Not The Biggest Player?

Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, offers anxiety treatment to help you find relief. Anxiety can be like playing the game whack-a-mole. Once you’ve dealt with and put one anxious thought to bed, another pops up in its place. That’s why neutralizing or avoiding an anxious thought is not enough. Anxiety produces physical sensations, problematic behaviors, and circular negative thoughts that need to be addressed.

We approach anxiety holistically, working with all the many facets of anxiety. We explore and gently work with your thoughts. We help you to find new positive resources in your body when you start to experience negative sensations. We also help you to experiment with new behavior and explore the new outcomes.

Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, helps people with anxiety learn to live fully in the present. Almost all anxious people share the tendency to live in the future instead of the present. You may find that you often anticipate negative outcomes based on past events or decisions. In sessions, we will teach you mindfulness and grounding techniques that can help you feel more calm, peaceful, and anchored to the moment you are living in.

Although you may believe that anxiety treatment can help you find relief, you may have questions or concerns…


“I am not sure that I have the financial resources for anxiety treatment.”

Ask yourself this question: how much is anxiety costing you right now?

How much will lost sleep and chronic stress cost you down the line?
How much have the missed deadlines, flunked tests, or chronic indecisions cost you?
How many dreams have you let die because you procrastinated or were too afraid to act?
How much have strained or lost relationships cost you?

The truth is, anxiety has already cost you a great deal and will continue to cost you even more. By taking the time to invest in yourself—in your mental, physical, and emotional well-being, you are investing in your future. You deserve to feel better.


“People might think I’m crazy if they discover I am seeking anxiety treatment.”

Remember, everyone gets anxious sometimes, but not every one has the necessary coping skills. The world we live in today is very different than the world our parents or grandparents lived in. We live in a more anxious world. The skills needed to navigate that world may not be the skills your parents had. In fact, they may have passed on coping skills that make things worse! Seeking anxiety is a courageous and proactive step.


“I should be able to handle this myself.”

Say both you and your neighbor, who is a physical therapist, have a bum knee. He can tape his knee and knows the proper exercises to strengthen that knee. Would your neighbor think badly of you if you went to a medical professional to get help with your knee? Of course not! Your neighbor has the skills of a physical therapist, but you do not. No big deal. It is the same with anxiety.

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is applying the same mindset and expecting different results. Trying to handle your anxiety yourself is no different. It may feel like you have tried different things, but the truth may be that you have been doing the same thing again and again without knowing it. With the help of a compassionate, nonjudgmental, qualified therapist, you can begin to find new solutions and develop new tools that can empower you to make real, positive changes in your life.


“I’ll just change my medication again.”

Medication is a great thing, but if it is the only card you have to draw from, you are greatly limiting your choices. Working with the underlying symptoms and learning new skills can enhance the results of any medication you take and increase your quality of life.


With Help, You Can Start to Free Yourself from Anxiety and Embrace Your Life

Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, approaches anxiety holistically. Together we will explore the totality of your experience with anxiety–your thought patterns, feelings, experiences, sensations, and behaviors. You can begin to learn how to experience your anxiety a little differently—that is, to separate your story (anxious thoughts) from your sensations. As you begin to experience your anxiety a little differently, you may start to find that anxiety no longer rules your life in the same way.

As you experiment with different behaviors, you can begin to realize you can make different choices. Paradoxically, you may experience both a greater acceptance of your anxiety and a greater sense of empowerment. Anxiety can become an invitation to transformation rather than a point of avoidance.

Transformation begins with compassion, and compassion lies at the heart of Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC. I, Lorraine, have, time and time again, seen clients become open to and/or capable of change and transformation as they come to see and experience themselves and their lives through the eyes of compassion. While compassion is sometimes misunderstood as being “nice,” it is so much more. Compassion is a call to experience life deeply as it unfolds-the painful with the joyful, the good with the bad. As clients begin to experience, explore, and work with their anxiety with compassion, they are amazed at how differently their relationship to fear or anxiety changes.

My life experience has given me compassion and insight into the healing process. I am here to help you find your way over your mountain toward your light!

If you are tired of letting anxiety keep you from living your life… If you are ready to find your inner courage–the courage that comes from increased self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion then I encourage you to call me. Call 720-437-0776 and arrange for a phone consultation at no cost to you. I look forward to embarking on your journey with you.