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Depression Treatment

depression-treatmentDoes Life Feel Meaningless?

Do you find yourself feeling hopeless, depressed, and sure that things will never change? Do you drag yourself through your day? Do you find yourself withdrawing from other people, even the people you love because of your depression? Do you wish that your life had energy, meaning, and purpose?

Despite your attempts to psych yourself out of your depression, you might find it difficult to get up in the morning or focus on your work. Maybe your depression has affected your sleep and eating habits so that you sleep or eat too little or too much—resulting in weight gain or loss. You may find yourself watching too much TV or doing too much of any one distracting activity in order to avoid your depressed feelings.

Perhaps your confidence has plummeted. Depression might have you wondering what is the purpose of your life. You might feel full of sadness, regret, and guilt over the past. Maybe you cry a lot or find yourself feeling emotionally numb. Perhaps your depression has drained the color from your life so that the world seems colorless, gray, and drab.


If Depression is Coloring Your World Blue, there is Hope!

The truth is that everybody feels a little down from time to time. You are not the only one that gets depressed. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed about feeling depressed but in fact, as much as 1 in 10 people get depressed according to the CDC. Many factors can influence or combine to create depression including genetic, biological, relational, situational, psychological, or even spiritual or existential triggers.

It’s hard to believe, but depression has a positive side that revolves around meaning and purpose. Here at Mountain Light Psychotherapy, we think of depression as a neon sign from your life warning you that you are running out of gas or heading in the wrong direction. Your depression may be telling you that you need to stop, refuel, or change directions. Your depressed feelings hold a wealth of information about what needs to be healed in your life, what direction you need to head in, and where your life needs purpose and meaning.

Depression becomes problematic when it becomes chronic, pervasive, life threatening, or habitual. Depression is like the headache of the psychological world. You don’t need to go to the doctor the first time you get a headache. However, should you begin to have daily headaches or severe headaches that prevent you from participating in your life, then you need to see a doctor. It is the same with depression. However, you don’t have to live under a cloud of depression forever.


 What Would You Do with Your Life if Depression Took a Back Seat?

 At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we approach depression holistically–working with your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors. Sometimes changing the way you think can change the way you feel. In sessions, we work with clients to help them become aware of and begin to change negative and habitual ways of thinking and viewing the world.

However, sometimes changing your thinking isn’t enough. Believe it or not, what we do and how we act can sometimes be more important and effective than what we think or feel. At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we help clients begin to explore, experience, and try out new behavior.

Some people wait in vain for their depressed feelings to change so they can finally do something with their life. At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we view depressed feelings as a guide. We find that accessing deeper emotions and values can sometimes point clients into new directions. In sessions, we listen deeply to clients, and we help them begin to go beyond their script through a variety of ways including somatic exploration and mindfulness.

Although you may believe that depression treatment can help you find relief, you may have questions or concerns…


 I am not sure if I can afford depression treatment…”

Ask yourself this question…How much is depression costing you right now?

How many days of work have you already lost because you called in sick?

How much has depression cost your relationships in terms of strain or loss?

How many opportunities have you missed because you lacked motivation or self-confidence?

The fact is that depression can be expensive and could continue to cost you even more. When you take the time to address your depression and work to lessen the impact it has on your life, you are investing in your future. You deserve to start feeling better.


 “If only I could be happy, then my depression would go away.”

There is evidence that clinging too hard to your need to be happy all the time can actually make your depression worse. That sounds counter-intuitive, but it is true. A lot of times when people talk about being happy they are talking about a fleeting feeling of happiness. However, feelings come and go and even the happiest people don’t feel happy every single moment of the day. Instead, when you broaden your concept of happiness to mean deeply engaging in life by embracing the normal ups and downs and striving to live from your most cherished values, then happiness becomes a more realistic and attainable goal.


 I’ll just change my medication again.”

Medication can be a powerful tool against depression, particularly if your depression includes suicidal thoughts. However, if medication is the only trick up your sleeve, you are missing out on other tools that can enhance the results of the medication you take and increase your quality of life.


“I just had a beautiful baby, and I don’t understand why I feel depressed.”

Life changes such as pregnancy, post-partum, menopause, and aging can create biological changes that influence depression. In fact, lots of diseases including heart disease can have depression as a symptom. Furthermore, sleep, exercise, and nutrition can also play a part in contributing to or helping relieve depressive symptoms. If you are feeling depressed, it is important to visit a medical doctor to rule out any physiological factors that may be creating or worsening your depression.


With Help, You Can Begin to Brighten up Your Life and Feel Better.

At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we recognize many factors can work together to create depression. Together we will investigate your symptoms holistically—exploring your thought patterns, feelings, experiences, sensations, and behaviors with compassion as our guide. As we tease out and explore the different elements of your depression, you may begin to find a greater acceptance of yourself and your depression. Rather than try to avoid your depression, you may begin to see depression as a wake-up call from your deepest self–inviting you to heal and grow in new ways.

Rather than wait for your feelings to change, at Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we help you begin to experiment with different behaviors. As your behavior begins to change, you may experience both a greater sense of empowerment and choice. You may find that you can begin to take over the driver’s seat instead of your depression.

From my own life experience, I know what it is hurt and what it can take to heal. I view the role of therapist as a guide. I can point out new directions and new vistas, but you choose where to go. I am here to guide you and to support you in your journey towards healing and growth.

If you are tired of letting depression drain the color from your world, and if you are ready to live with greater awareness, acceptance, and joy, then I invite you to call 720-437-0776 or email me for a free phone call to learn more about depression treatment and my practice. I look forward to sharing your journey.