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Group Therapy


Do You Feel Lonely And Isolated?

Do you feel overlooked and invisible, especially in groups? Do you find yourself wishing that people could see the real you? Do you find yourself distancing others rather than relating to them? Do you long to feel effective, authentic, and connected?

Maybe you wish you could communicate better with your family, friends, or other groups? Perhaps you try to share, but end up saying things in a way you don’t mean, leaving you feeling embarrassed or misunderstood? Maybe you find yourself overlooked for that promotion or raise because you have difficulty speaking up. Perhaps you wish you could join in the conversation, participate in that interesting group activity, or contribute at a work meeting Maybe you’ve been hurt by groups, whether it was your original group, your family, or groups at school or outside activities. Perhaps you long to heal that wound and find a way to be comfortable in your own skin and confident when you are in a group setting. Maybe you feel bruised and wary of relationships with others, especially groups. Perhaps you find yourself wondering if you will ever fit in a community or group anywhere. It may be that you find yourself thinking that nobody has ever felt like you but wishing that weren’t true.

If You Wish You Could Be Authentic, Confident, and Connected, There Is Hope!

First of all, misunderstandings due to poor communication exist in all facets of life and lie at the heart of most business problems, marital arguments, family spats, and negative group dynamics. Communicating effectively, honestly, and compassionately is in art we all need to practice. The good news is that groups provide a safe and supportive environment to practice speaking in a more authentic, heartfelt, or honest manner. Did you know that you are not alone in feeling ashamed or uncomfortable in intimate or group settings that may include your family, a work group, or a group of friends? Most people have been wounded by a group in one way or another and often by their original group—the family. Many people carry the wounds and shame of these early groups into their current expectations, experiences, and behaviors. One of the best ways to heal a group wound is to participate in group therapy. While we often think of the negative impact of groups such as peer pressure or riots, groups can also have a powerful positive impact. You may have experienced this power at a concert, at a church service or meditation group, or even through a non-profit or charity. Participating in group therapy is a powerful way to accelerate healing. You may think that you are the only one that longs to be more genuine. However, lots of people feel they have to put on a mask or wear a false smile in order to fit into society and cover their sense of inadequacy. The truth is there are times when you do need to be able to don your mask and join the masquerade. For example, your boss does not need to know the details of your miserable weekend date. However, if your mask becomes glued to your face, you can find yourself losing your way, feeling deeply unhappy, and longing for meaningful connection. The good news is that you do not have to feel alone forever.

How Would Your Life Change, If You Showed The World The Real You?

Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, offers several opportunities for group treatment. We approach group therapy holistically; we address how your emotions, your thoughts, your words, your behavior, and your body contribute or relate to where you are right now and where you want to be. Whatever issue you bring to the group is welcomed and becomes “grist for the mill” —whether it is self-confidence, anxiety, anger, depression, divorce, a family spat, or a work issue. Time and time again, we have seen clients experience change and even transform. Something powerful can happen when you are seen and accepted for who you are in a group, when your pain is witnessed and held by a group, and when your experiment with new behavior is acknowledged and uplifted by a group.

“I can’t spend a lot of money on therapy.”

No problem. Group treatment costs less, sometimes a lot less money than individual therapy. Furthermore, group treatment is still an effective therapeutic method.

“I am in individual therapy, is adding a group a good idea?”

Group therapy can complement and sometimes even accelerate individual therapy. Participating in a group is a great way to practice the insights and skills that you have learned in individual therapy. Furthermore, we strive to communicate and work with your individual therapist.

“I have heard of here-and-now, process-oriented groups. What does that mean?”

 Good question. Here-and-now, process-oriented groups means that our groups focus on this moment–how your issue is affecting you right now. For example, if you recount a hurtful event, we help you concentrate on how that event is affecting your behavior, thoughts, body, and emotions, in this group, in this moment. In addition, we offer you a chance to experiment and try to change some aspect whether it be your thoughts, working with a bodily sensation, expressing a deeper emotion, saying something true for you, and behaving differently right with the support of the group.

“My situation is unique. Nobody will understand.”

 Most people have times when they feel that their pain is unique or that they are the only people to feel a certain way or have a certain problem. The truth is your pain is both unique and also shared in some facet by others. Universality is a term thrown around by group leaders. It refers to the powerful experience that group members have when they experience the power of knowing that they are not as alone and isolated as they once thought.

With Help, You Can Start To Connect More Deeply And Authentically

At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, we approach group treatment with the knowledge that our clients are whole and individual people with inner resources—not a label or an issue. We strive to create a gently challenging therapeutic environment that helps you begin to bring awareness to all aspects of your issues—body, mind, emotions, and behaviors. A lot of our clients are seeking self-growth, longing to express their deepest self, or develop their ability to be more authentic and confident in the world. At Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, our diverse here-and-now, process-oriented groups strive to create a dynamic and supportive environment that lets you practice letting down your guard, speaking from your authentic self, and connecting in a deeper way with others.

Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, offers group treatment that differs from a lot of other groups. Rather than provide mostly education and skill training, Mountain Light Psychotherapy, LLC, creates and encourages diverse groups where people have a wide array of issues. These groups present a chance to experience something different and experiment with new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. While we often, indeed, provide psycho-education and specific skills for a particular issue that a client brings up, we have found that having a variety of people with different issues more closely mimics the real world. When you try out a new behavior or experience something new in a diverse group, it often becomes easier to take that behavior or experience into the real world. We have heard clients describe growth in their relationships with their family, friends, co-workers that was initiated or even accelerated by their experience in group therapy.

I know first hand how transformative and healing groups can be. I have both experienced and witnessed the power of groups.

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable or isolated, and if you are ready to feel connected and live your life more effectively and authentically, then I invite you to call 720-437-0776 or email for a free phone to learn more about the power of group. I look forward to sharing and witnessing your journey.